Certificate Course of Practical Musculoskeletal Medicine (CPMM 2021 – 2023)

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The Certificate Course of Practical Musculoskeletal Medicine (CPMM) aims at primary health care medical practitioners who are interested in providing care to patients with musculoskeletal problems. The essential components of the program include overview of clinical anatomy and biomechanics, focused physical examination, manual skills and comprehensive management planning. Participants will learn skills on physical examination, manual therapy, ultrasound assessment, and injection therapy. This program will be delivered in the format of lectures (online or face-to-face subject to COVID-19 condition) and hands-on sessions over two years. On completing this program, participants will be able to manage common musculoskeletal problems.

Registered medical doctors with special interest in musculoskeletal medicine.

2 years (aim to start in Sept 2021)

Teaching Faculty:
HKIMM council members plus orthopedic surgeons and physiotherapists for relevant topics.

12 (maximum)


Course Fee:
HKD 30,000 (members only)

Deadline for Application:
8 August 2021

Remarks on measure against COVID-19:
All candidates are required to have COVID-19 vaccination (within 1 year) or to provide proof of COVID-19 Antigen test negative (within 72 hours) before attending the hands-on/face-to-face teaching. This arrangement also applies to the teaching faculty.

Course Programme:

Module 1: Introductory

Module 2: Elbow, Wrist & Hand

Module 3: Knee

Module 4: Ankle & Foot

Module 5: Shoulder

Module 6: Thoracic Spine & Ribs

Module 7: Lumbar Spine

Module 8: Hip & Pelvis

Module 9: Cervical Spine

Please send the course fee by cheque (payable to "HKIMM") of HKD 30,000 being payment in full for the above together with the completed application form and mail to HKIMM, Unit 05 – 06, 3/F., Telford House, 16 Wang Hoi Road, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong