Fellowship Examination

Fellowships Examination Applications Form Applications Form for election to HKIMM fellowship

The Hong Kong Institute of Musculoskeletal Medicine 
Fellowship Examination


The Examination is designed to evaluate the competence of the candidates in regard to their knowledge, skills and attitudes in Musculoskeletal Medicine. A good understanding of the principles and application of Musculoskeletal Medicine is essential. Skills in problem solving, communication, practice management, physical examination, sonoanatomy, manual and office procedures are to be tested. Commitments of continuous professional development, provision of training, and public education are expected from candidates.

The candidate MUST at the time of application for the Examination and at the time of the Fellowship Examination be:

  1. a FULL member of HKIMM
  2. FULLY REGISTERED with the Hong Kong Medical Council or with the Medical Registration Body of the candidate's country of medical practice.
  3. actively practicing Musculoskeletal Medicine for not less than THREE years by 30 June 2018.

Full Examination (Written + Clinical)  ............   $25,000

If a candidate wishes to withdraw from the examination, and written notification of withdrawal is received by the HKIMM 90 days or more prior to the date of the examination, he/she will receive a refund of $16,000 for the whole examination. No refund of any amount will be given if written notice of withdrawal is received by the HKIMM within 90 days of the first date of that particular part of the examination. All fees paid are not transferable to subsequent examinations.


16 March 2018, Friday, 5:00pm Closing Date for Applications
16 June 2018, Saturday, 3:00pm-6:00pm Written Segment of the Examination
13 July 2018, Friday, 8:30am-1:30pm Clinical Segment of the Examination



Written Segment : Short and long questions
Clinical Segment : OSCE format consists of short and long cases

Passing of both segments is considered as passing of the Fellowship Examination. Any candidate who does not score a pass mark of the written segment, may be required to retake the written examination (fees apply) before he is allowed to take the clinical segment. All examination schedules shall be determined by HKIMM at its sole discretion.


Success in the Fellowship Examination does not automatically entitle a candidate to become eligible for the election to the title of Fellow of Institute of Musculoskeletal Medicine (FHKIMM). The Board of Examination will recommend the successful candidates to the Councils of HKIMM for election to Fellowship. The candidates should check whether they meet the criteria required for Fellowship application and apply for election to Fellowship themselves. If they fail to qualify for election to fellowship in the year at which they pass the Fellowship Examination, it is the candidate's responsibility to re-apply for election to Fellowship in subsequent year(s) after he/she has fulfilled the criteria.

The followings are extracts of the criteria for the election to Fellowship of HKIMM. The criteria contained in the Constitution of HKIMM should be the final verdict.

The applicant:

  1. is an active Full Member of HKIMM;
  2. has been paying annual subscriptions continuously since becoming a member of the HKIMM;
  3. has passed the Fellowship examination of HKIMM;
  4. have been actively practicing Musculoskeletal Medicine for not less than three years;
  5. has documented proof of Certificate of Quality Assurance issued by HKIMM or its equivalent as determined by the Council in the 3 consecutive years prior to election to Fellowship;
  6. recommended by a Fellow of the HKIMM;
  7. has solemnly pledged to uphold the aims and objectives of HKIMM and to commit himself/herself to a process of continuous medical education by playing an active role in HKIMM educational programmes to the best of his/her ability; and
  8. is elected to Fellowship by majority vote of the Council.

Please download the Fellowships Examination Applications Form and Applications Form for election to HKIMM fellowship for more details.