Who is going to fail / progress slowly after prolotherpay or need more than 4 prolotherpay sessions to heal?


Studies showed that the following 4 categories of patients are more likely have poor results / slow progress from prolotherapy.

  1. Those have poor sleep, problems in sleep initiation, fragmented sleep, or those who wake up feeling un-refreshed: Growth factors and growth hormones are crucial factors for proper tissue healing. Studies showed that growth factors and growth hormones are released and secreted mostly during the deep sleep phase of the sleep cycle. Those patients with poor or frequently inadequate sleep tend to have poor response or slow progress from prolotherapy.
  2. Those have hormonal imbalance: Apart from growth hormones, there are other hormones in our body which are crucial for proper tissue healing. Examples are sex hormones and thyroid hormones.
  3. Those have nutritional imbalance: The healing of our body needs nutrient, especially collagen. Those patients with nutrition deficiency in essential amino acids and fatty acids will be slow in healing. Some studies show that blood PH influences the healing process. Imbalance diet may lead to altered blood PH and deter the response to prolotherapy.
  4. Those patients not receiving adequate proliferants (prolotherapy solution) injected into the injured areas. The effectiveness of prolotherapy depends on whether the injured area received enough injected proliferants to trigger off the body’s repair process in the area. The response also depends on whether the patient received adequate number of treatment sessions.



  1. 睡眠差,入睡困難,斷續睡眠或醒後精神不振的患者: 生長因子和生長激素是組織在修復過程中最重要的因素。研究顯示生長因子和生長激素多在深層睡眠的時後分泌。所以睡眠差或經常睡眠不足的人對保絡治療的反應通常都會較差或進展緩慢。
  2. 內分泌或荷爾蒙分泌不平衡的患者: 除生長激素外,人體內還有其它的內分泌或荷爾蒙對組織的修復起重要作用。如性激素和甲狀腺激素。
  3. 營養不平衡的患者: 我們身體的修復需要營養,尤其是膠原。缺乏必需氨基酸和必需脂肪酸會減慢修復的速度。研究顯示血液的 PH 值也會影響修復過程。不均衡的飲食可能導致血液 PH 值改變並降低身體對保絡治療的反應。
  4. 促再生物(保絡治療液)注射不足的患者 保絡治療的效果取決於受損區內注射的促再生物是否足夠引發該區的修復過程。治療效果也取決於治療的次數是否足夠。