What is prolotherapy?


Prolotherapy is a medical procedure to treat musculoskeletal pain or joint pain. The principle of prolotherapy is to inject the proliferant usually in the form of concentrated glucose solution to stimulate the body’s growth as well as its healing mechanism to repair injured tissues.

Many chronic pain conditions, like chronic low back pain, persistent neck pain from whiplash injuries, pain from recurrent ankle sprains, crippled pain from severe osteoarthritis and persistent pain from tennis elbow tendinosis or DeQuervain’s tendinitis responds well to prolotherapy. A musculoskeletal physician will have the expertise to determine if the patient is a candidate for this healing alternative.


保絡治療 (Prolotherapy) 是一種治療肌骼痛或關節痛的方法。

保絡治療 (Prolotherapy) 是一種治療肌骼痛或關節痛的方法。治療的原理是把可以刺激人體組織再生的物質注射到患處,使受損組織通過再生來達到修復和癒合的目的,所以保絡治療有時被稱為再生注射治療法 (Regenerative injection therapy)。常用的保絡治療溶液是濃縮的葡萄糖液。

保絡治療對很多慢性痛症,如慢性腰背痛、頸椎揮鞭式創傷所致的持續性頸痛、重復的足踝扭傷、嚴重骨關節炎導致的致殘性疼痛、網球肘或狄魁文腱鞘炎(DeQuervain's tendinitis) 所致的持續疼痛均有良好療效。肌骼科醫生會決定患者是否適合這種治療。