May I go to work after prolotherapy? Or may I continue with my sports after prolotherapy?


Most patients could return to their work one or two days after the treatment session. However, if the job nature requires loading or stress on the involved joint or on the painful area, the return-to-work plan should be individualized. Return-to-sport warrants special consideration. The decision should be made after considering the degree of recovery; level of competition; readiness to join training; cardiopulmonary fitness and psychological status. Generally speaking, prolotherapy promotes tissue healing and speeds up the pace of recovery. Most patients could return to sport soon after completing the prolotherapy treatment.



大多數患者在接受保絡治療後 1-2 天便可重返工作,但如果所從事的工作會使患者受損的關節或疼痛的部位承受壓力或負重,恢復工作的時間則須個別考慮。恢復運動的時間表則應根據個別的情況來決定,所考慮的因素包括注射後的復原程度、訓練和比賽的激烈程度、心肺功能和心理狀態等。