How many treatments are necessary for satisfactory pain relief and how often?


The number of treatment sessions varies with each patient. Many patients have reported partial or complete relief of pain after only one treatment. Patients with a healthy immune system generally require fewer treatments. Studies show that an average person requires 4 to 6 treatment sessions given at 4 to 6 week interval in order to get a satisfactory healing. The current data accumulated by the HKIMM (The Hong Kong Institute of Musculoskeletal Medicine) showed that Chinese patients usually need 3-4 treatments for satisfactory pain relief. Of course this requires further studies to draw a final conclusion. Musculoskeletal physician will evaluate the patient’s progress and formulate a tailor-made treatment program for each patient.



因為每個人的體質都不同,所以每位患者的治療次數會不盡相同。擁有健康免疫功能的患者通常所需的治療次數較少。外國的研究顯示若想取得滿意的康復效果,一般的患者平均要接受4-6次治療,每隔4-6周治療一次。但有些患者只需一次保絡治療就可達到滿意的治療效果。由香港肌骼研究中心 (HKIMM) 最近收集的數據顯示,華人患者通常要完成3-4次治療才會有滿意的治療效果。但最後的結論還有待進一步的研究。肌骼科醫生會評估每位患者的進展情況並為每位患者制定個人的、獨特的治療方案