How does prolotherapy works?


The basic mechanism of Prolotherapy is simple. By injecting a proliferant solution into the injured areas, the body’s own healing system would be activated to complete the healing process. What most people do not understand is that the body heals by inflammation. In other words, we need inflammation to heal our bodies. Prolotherapy works because it actually stimulates a short-term inflammatory reaction in the body. The prolotherapy solution or proliferant is injected into the damaged ligaments, tendons, and/or joints, which induces local inflammation in the injected area. This localized inflammation triggers a wound healing cascade, attracting the fibroblasts which deposit new collagen -- the building block of ligaments and tendons. New collagen shrinks as it matures and it is this collagen shrinking that tightens the ligament and makes it stronger.

Multiple treatments are required to restore additional tissue growth and to strengthen the affected area. A typical regime consists of three to six treatments. Musculoskeletal physician will devise an individualized plan of prolotherapy treatments for each patient. Injection sessions are usually scheduled every three to six weeks. Patients would be pain-free and able to return to normal activities after the treatment sessions.



保絡治療的基本原理很簡單,肌骼科醫生將可促進產生再生物質的溶液注入身體受損的部位,啟動了人體的自我修復系統來進行傷口修補和復合。很多人可能都不知道人體的軟組織可以通過發炎的過程來進行徹底的修復。換句話說,我們需要一定程度的炎症反應來修復身體。保絡治療實際上就是通過被注射部位所產生的短暫炎症反應來發揮修復的作用。當保絡治療溶液被注射到受損的韌帶、肌腱和/或關節後,就會刺激這些部位產生局部的炎症反應,吸引纖維母細胞來重建新的膠原 –膠原是修補韌帶和肌腱最重要的原料。新重建的膠原組織在成熟後會有所收緊,正是因為膠原的收緊而拉緊了韌帶,從而使其更強壯。

受傷部位組織的再 生和強化需經過數次的治療方可完成。典型的療程需3至6次的治療。但每一個人的情況都不同,有些人可能只需一次,但有些人可能需要多至8次的治療,治療每 3至6週注射一次。。肌骼科醫生會因應每位患者的病情和體質來制定個人化的治療方案。患者在治療後最初的兩三天會感到針口酸疼,但疼痛會有明顯減輕,日常 的活動可正常進行。但激烈的運動就要按肌骼科醫生的指示而行。